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Fukushima. Food Safety Conference

Enrico Maggiore speaker at the Fukushima Food Safety Conference at EXPO Milan 2015.

The levels of radiation found in the food produced in the district of Fukushima are the same as those found in Paris or Rome. So, basically null. Four years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, due to the earthquake and the consequent tsunami of 11 March 2011, the radiation measurements in rice, water, fish and apples are below the strict limits imposed by the Japanese government (10 times lower than in Europe and the US).

Radiations are below the limits, as the studies carried out by professor Hayano and the students living in the Fukushima district prove. As Enrico Maggiore pointed out, Japan should be considered a model for excellence in food safety. He therefore underlined the necessity and responsibility to increase the amount of information on food products as basic requirement of all the brands. To see the full program of the conference click here.

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