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The Company

InnVenture was established in 2004 by Enrico Maggiore to guide company innovation and to foster entrepreneurial and local economic development.  

The company is formed by a cohesive group of professionals and an external network of professionals and professionally independent companies linked to InnVenture through a partnership agreement. 


Enrico Maggiore - InnVenture
R&D InnVenture
Enrico Maggiore
The founder


Since 1985, his practice has focused on business innovation and economic development. 

With a multidisciplinary and international culture and in-depth knowledge of various sectors, he works as a "system innovator" developing and transferring the ability to "create innovation".



A strategist, expert in complex organizations and technology management, he is an industrial innovator. Over the years he has relaunched many companies and fostered cooperation between public and private sectors to promote a "new" economic growth. 



He deals in particular with "models of collaboration", "spirit of innovation", "environmental heritage and urban regeneration", "rethinking the future", "innovation economy", "bioeconomy", "circular economy" and "impact investing".

Recently he has been working on emerging "water technologies", "smart agricultural systems", "artificial intelligence and knowledge management", "society 5.0".

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Carlo Alberto Maggiore
Claudio Conti
Ado Franchini
Carlo Alberto Maggiore

Professor of Architectural & Urban Design at the Milan Polytechnic. Visiting professor at the "Universidad Politecnica de Madrid" and the "Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcellona. 

Founder of CAM Architects after having worked with Ignazio Gardella.

Claudio Conti

Mathematician, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data expert. Former professor at the University of Trieste. Researcher in the areas of theory of measurement, theory of models and theory of probability. R&D Director at DENTSU AEGIS. Co-founder of SpatialAccess LTD, the leading company in the area of advertising auditing in India.

Ado Franchini

Professor of Architectural & Urban Design at the Milan Polytechnic. Founder of ADM Architecture & Planning. He is the creator and  the designer of the ComoNExT 

Technology Park. For more information on the project see Rai5 Cool Tour.

Edward Bent
Edward Bent

Scientist, writer, and blogger. Expert in horticultural innovation and application of new technologies in agriculture. Founder of the blog full of information on agricultural innovation.

Angelo Granati
Angelo Granati

Mathematician. Expert in new data management technologies and agriculture innovation

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