We help our clients develop and implement strategic and operational initiatives that drive growth and performance improvement. Our peculiarity consists of engaging in innovative and multifaceted problems and designing and implementing unique business models. Our solutions are analytically robust, but also pragmatic. 

The main elements of our vision are:

  1. We think that today’s challenges are complex, affect a broad range of interconnected sectors and require a holistic and systemic approach. We provide the necessary systemic and interdisciplinary approach to tackle new issues and to cover and inter-relate the relevant levels and actors. In tackling problems, our approach is often unconventional and unusual.

  2. We believe that innovation is no longer an option today, but more and more a necessity. For this reason, we think a given territory should sustain the capacity for company innovation. Furthermore, we think innovation is a unique process that requires originality and inter-discipline. 

  3. In today’s globalized economy, it is also necessary to seek complementarity as an element of competitiveness.


Our consulting services are targeted to clients in the following sectors:

  • Industry and services: we support the innovation of consolidated businesses and the start-up of new ones. 

  • Institutional Investors (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Banks): we help institutional investors evaluate the impact of their investments and increase the profitability of their portfolio.

  • Institutions: we help public entities and private institutions to develop local economies.

InnVenture is committed to actively promoting economic, social and environmental development through innovation.

Our Consulting Services

Business Innovation

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Innovation of Companies

We help consolidated businesses rethink themselves, innovate the strategy and change the organization. We assist businesses in improving their performances and operating within a more data-rich environment.

Innovation requires specific capabilities, so we help businesses raise the scientific level of their knowledge base and integrate new technologies into new products and processes.

We help businesses not only innovate but also develop their capability to "create innovation”.

Furthermore, InnVenture provides established companies with access to financial investors and other business development tools.

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Biotech Innnventure

Start-up Advisory 

The success of a start-up requires a good project, a lot of passion and a lot of experience to overcome problems during the first steps of the company’s life.

Thanks to our broad and multidisciplinary vision, we help start-ups in designing "unique” business models. We use our extensive and global network of specialists in various sectors to stay connected and tuned in to what is going on around the world. 

Our culture is entrepreneurial. So we guide clients in the project implementation by providing competencies and relationships with other industrial companies, technology partners, venture capital funds and banks. We operate as a partner for development. We educate the management and provide clients with practical, deal-making advice and support.

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Investment Advisory

We help investors (Private Equity, Venture Capital Funds as well as Banks) to analyze the businesses in which they invest and to evaluate performance and impacts.

Moreover, we assist investors in performance improvement, restructuring, re-start up, and business development projects that increase the profitability of their portfolio.

Our services also concern the investment phase. InnVenture helps clients develop a comprehensive acquisition strategy and identify a range of suitable business acquisition targets. Whether the business (or fund) is looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, we do the leg-work. Our job is to provide all the information to make an informed purchasing decision. Therefore, we participate in the due-diligence process before the business' quotation.

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Development of Territories

Innovation, Science and

InnVenture is dedicated to establishing new entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems. We help Institutions maximize the medium-term competitiveness by promoting local excellence, stimulating technological transfer and governing the actions aimed at sustaining Research and Innovation. 

To do that, we help clients implement new models of synergistic interaction and models of cooperation between businesses and research labs so that effective innovation strategies can be developed in the territory.

Furthermore, we help Institutions create a favorable environment for the development of new entrepreneurial entities as spinoffs and start-ups, and for the design, implementation, and development of business incubators and accelerators.

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Agrobusiness InnVenture
Local development

We help Institutions develop new entrepreneurship and attract private investments and knowledge. We assist private and public Institutions in designing the future of cities and districts and in driving private investments aimed at the enhancement of local infrastructures and the redevelopment of abandoned areas. Furthermore, we help clients stimulate young people to create new hi-tech businesses and aggregate small companies to face international markets. In particular, our company is the ideal partner for international development projects for given territories that produce high-quality food products. We have a thorough knowledge of large-scale specialist retailers and of the HORECA channel and we can transfer our know-how and innovation capabilities throughout the overall supply chain.

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Re-use of brownfield sites

The abandonment of productive areas offers new opportunities for creating new R&D activities and hi-tech factories or for establishing new public services. The expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of these areas may be complicated by the presence of pollutants or contaminants. Once cleaned up, such an area can become host to business development. Reinvesting in these properties protects the environment, reduces the blight and takes development pressures off green spaces and land use. Reusing abandoned sites requires a strategic plan and an innovation project that can foster competitiveness and create new jobs in the area. We operate with a system-based, integrated, interdisciplinary approach aimed at improving the quality of a given territory and building-up growth opportunities in the medium-long term.

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