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Venture Consulting. A concrete way to manage innovation

Since its inception, InnVenture has been totally focused on building an innovative consulting practice.

We invest our time, our competence, our relationships in helping clients obtain concrete results. In these terms, InnVenture is ready to make part of its remuneration variable and dependent on the company’s development or to the achievement of specific goals.


InnVenture also evaluates the chance to take part in a company’s capital in case of:

  • start-up companies,

  • crisis situations,

  • merger and acquisitions,

  • specific investors' operations.


This risk/opportunity sharing formula allows us to: 

  • connect costs to concrete results; 

  • guarantee deep involvement in projects; 

  • build up a real sense of partnership.

Brunelleschi's dome remains the largest brick dome ever constructed.

Until the development of new structural materials in the modern era, it was the largest in the world.  Brunelleschi's solutions were ingenious, innovative and venturous.

Even today, nobody is able to completely explain the project's structure.

InnVenture' Style

Image by ketan rajput

All our projects are characterized by :


Tailored solutions

All the solutions we offer, even using proven and consolidated principles and schemes, are always tailored to the client’s needs and deeply consider his cultural and organizational uniqueness. 



Joint work with the customer

The need for finding a solution that fits the operating conditions of the customer obligates the company and InnVenture to work closely together and to integrate their mutual capabilities. 


The role of “driver for the development”

The full sharing of customer’s goals and the strong focus on results leads us to continuously support and assist the company’s internal resources while respecting Management’s day-to-day activities.


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