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Our Values.
Utility, Entrepreneurship and High Qualification

We are guided by the three core values that define our firm:

Utility for clients

InnVenture is professionally oriented to fully satisfy clients’ needs and to guarantee practical, long-term results. Its independence from other businesses, the transparency of its business and professional partnerships, as well as highly customized actions, ensure a strong and client-oriented focus.



We place entrepreneurial values at the core of our business model:

  • in relation to clients, in order to share risk, opportunity and advantages and to award professional services on the basis of results;

  • in relation to professionals, in order to develop a community of professionals with a flair for challenges and awareness of their importance.


High qualification of professional resources

InnVenture strongly believes both in its executive capacity and in its solid professional competencies. We operate through a highly experienced group of professionals to ensure continuous development with the most advanced international methods.

Broken Chair on the Place des Nations - Genève

Sculpture in wood by the Swiss artist Daniel Berset.

It symbolizes opposition to land mines and cluster bombs.
It's also a metaphor for unsustainable development and acts as a reminder to policymakers.
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