Development of Territories

It is not only businesses but also cities, territories, and districts that have to face the challenge of global competition. InnVenture provides a wide range of consulting services aimed at favoring innovation and local development. These services include:

Innovation, Science, and Territory
  • Innovation Policy for regions and territories

  • Technology Development Plan for regions and territories

  • Reconversion and diversification of productive structures

  • Knowledge and Technology transfer 

  • Planning & Design of Infrastructures for Research and Innovation 

  • International Technological agreements 

  • Roadmap for large research and innovation infrastructures involving public actors, enterprises, universities at a regional and supra-regional level

  • Public-Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

Local development
  • Co-design and development of new regional development models

  • Strategic Plans for Cities and Industrial Districts

  • Airport strategy and development

  • Aggregation of SMEs and their international development

  • Foreign investment attraction to strengthen the local economy

  • Design of Investment initiatives

  • International marketing of such a territory

  • Public-Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Handicraft 4.0

  • Agriculture 4.0

Re-use of brownfield sites
  • Site and territory strategy based on big data

  • Redevelopment projects

  • Public-Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Business Planning for investment projects

  • Marketing of the site and of redevelopment projects

  • Roadshow & Partner Research

  • Public/Private investment plan & partnership

  • Project Management and financing

  • Planning and architectural development

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