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Re-use of Brownfield Sites

New opportunities for the public e private sector to join forces


In every city, territory, or district, the abandonment of productive areas offers new opportunities for creating new R&D activities and hi-tech factories or to build new public services (hospitals, schools, museums, etc.), or to regenerate the city with new and more modern housing.


The expansion, redevelopment or reuse of these areas may be complicated by the presence of pollutants or contaminants. Once cleaned up, such an area can become host to business development.

Reinvesting in these properties protects the environment, reduces the blight and takes development pressures off green spaces and the working of the land.


Now more and more, cities need to reuse and redevelop areas that have changed their intended use.

Within the cities, many areas must be transformed and adapted to new needs:

  • new and more sustainable manufacturing activities come back to the city;

  • new public services are needed;

  • new systems of e-commerce, co-working, and co-housing are spreading into the cities.

Reusing abandoned sites requires a strategic plan and a specific investment project capable of favoring competitiveness and new employment in the territory.

Our projects often have a private clientele but also aim to have a public purpose. 


Urban Innovation


Maggiore squared. Urban Innovation

Regarding this kind of project, InnVenture has recently established the new brand unit "Maggiore Squared"


The structure is a strategic partnership between InnVenture & CAM architects that reinforces the relationship between Enrico and Carlo Alberto Maggiore. The new entity integrates strategic, industrial, architectural and urban planning skills in order to innovate cities and territories.

Maggiore Squared operates with a system-based, integrated and interdisciplinary approach, aimed at improving the quality of a given territory and building-up growth opportunities in the medium-term.


Below some of our projects. 

ComoNExT Science & Technology Park Project - RAI 5 Cool Tour


WTP Project

Food Park Project

Food Park Project


Grande Melo Project

Grande Melo Project

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