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Business Innovation

Business Innovation

Organizations need to adopt innovative approaches to their business as they face the challenge of intensifying global competition, fast-developing technologies, and diminishing world resources.


InnVenture provides a wide range of end-to-end consulting services targeted to established businesses, start-ups and investors.


These services include:

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Innovation of Companies

  • Strategy development and performance improvement

  • Business development and management innovation  

  • Big ideas and innovative marketing strategies  

  • Motivational leadership and articulate communication

  • Global perspectives and international growth 

  • Strategic alliances and partnerships

  • Technology portfolio development

  • Knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) development

  • AI-based knowledge development

  • Codesign and co-development
    Maximizing business operations to their full potential.

  • Business restructuring and transformation

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Start-Up Advisory

  • Strategy and Business Planning

  • Venture Capital Advisory Services 

  • Business Development & Management  

  • Big Ideas & Innovative Marketing Strategies  

  • Motivational Leadership & Articulate Communication

  • Global Perspectives & International Growth 

  • Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

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Investment Advisory

  • Re-start up and restructuring of unsuccessful Invested Companies

  • Industrial partnerships & Alliances for Invested Companies

  • Investment Impact Evaluation

  • Industrial Due Diligence

  • Business Development & Management Innovation of Invested Companies

  • Selection of investment targets

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