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Innovation & Development

Food production Robot

Innovation & Development
Innovation & Development


Innovation & Development
Innovation & Development


Innovation & Development
Innovation & Development

Food production Robot


InnVenture is an independent venture consulting company specializing in business innovation and sustainable growth.

In this time of incredible change and disruption, we work with our clients, either businesses or institutions, to develop robust strategies for growth, increased profitability and provide implementation support, as required.


With an office in Milan and associates around Europe, we bring our knowledge and contacts to support our clients.

InnVenture recently launched the “re-use of brownfield sites” practice, the "water technology" practice and the "agro-food development” practice. 

These disciplines complement our core business and allow InnVenture to offer operational and technical analysis and support. 

Innovation, Competitiveness

& Sustainable Development

Maggiore Squared is a brand unit of InnVenture, focused on urban innovation.

The structure is a strategic partnership of InnVenture and CAM-architects that reinforces the relationship between Enrico and Carlo Alberto Maggiore. 


Maggiore Squared integrates strategic, industrial, architectural and urban planning skills in order to innovate cities and territories.

Our Services

Business Innovation
  • Business Development & Management Innovation

  • Big Ideas & Innovative Marketing Strategies  

  • Entrepreneurship & Start-up Advisory 

  • Motivational Leadership & Articulate Communication

  • Global Perspectives & International Growth

  • Management of Innovation & Technological enhancement

  • Artificial Intelligence & Value Creation

  • Codesign and Co-development 

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Advisory Services 

Development of territories
  • Development Strategy for Cities and Industrial districts

  • Design of Ecosystems for Innovation

  • Start-up incubation & Entrepreneurship services

  • Aggregation and International Development of SMEs

  • Foreign Investment attraction

  • International Marketing of Territories

  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Public Policies for Innovation & Development

  • Monitoring & Evaluation for Impact Investing

  • Re-use of Brownfield sites

  • Handicraft 4.0

  • Agriculture 4.0

News & Publications

Caltagirone. Re-development of the UNESCO Property Area

Saturday 21 September 2019, Enrico Maggiore and Carlo Alberto Maggiore presented the redevelopment project of the historic center of Caltagirone, a UNESCO World Heritage city, as part of a conference organized by Unioncamere and Confcommercio. An investment plan of 320 € / Mln to be implemented in 25 years aimed at fostering economic development and reducing the unemployment rate from the current 22% to 9.5%.

The Plan provides for the construction of a new international "Museum of Ceramics from Sicily" and the construction of a University site on the Acropolis of the city. The University is aimed at triggering the process of redevelopment of the houses closest to the University that will serve as a "Campus". To see the full program of the conference click here.

To see the project of the new "Museum of ceramics" at the Armani / Silos in Milan, click here.

2004 - 2019


This year, InnVenture officially celebrates its 15th anniversary!  What started as a small idea of Enrico Maggiore has since turned into a consolidated company. Fifteen years is a great moment not only to look back and celebrate what we have done but also to reflect on the vision and values that drive our company. It should be remembered that the ultimate goal of InnVenture is to foster a culture of innovation in every layer of society through the education and engagement of diverse, emerging leaders while encouraging ethical values in every action.

Diatto. Welcome back to the market.

The DIATTO brand (1835) is one of the historic Italian brands. In 1920 Diatto was the third-largest company in Italy.


The DIATTO GT Ottovù, designed by Zagato (see photo) was presented at the Salone in Geneva in 2007.


A new, fully electric model is about to be launched on the market.


To know more about DIATTO read the article and click