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Innovation, Competitiveness
& Sustainable Development


InnVenture is an independent venture consulting company specializing in business innovation and sustainable growth.

In this time of incredible change and disruption, we work with our clients, either businesses or institutions, to develop robust strategies for growth, increased profitability and provide implementation support, as required.


With offices in Milan and Paris and associates around Europe, we bring our knowledge and contacts to support our clients.

Our Services


Business Innovation

  • Business Development & Management Innovation

  • Big Ideas & Innovative Marketing Strategies  

  • Entrepreneurship & Start-up Advisory 

  • Motivational Leadership & Articulate Communication

  • Global Perspectives & International Growth

  • Management of Innovation & Technological enhancement

  • Knowledge-intensive Business Services (KIBS) Development

  • AI based Knowledge Development

  • Codesign and Co-development 

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Advisory Services 

Development of Territories

  • Local Development Strategy for Cities and Industrial Districts

  • Design of Ecosystems for Innovation

  • Start-up incubation & Entrepreneurship services

  • Aggregation and International Development of SMEs

  • Foreign Investment attraction

  • International Marketing of Territories

  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Public Policies for Innovation

  • Monitoring & Evaluation for Impact Investing

  • Re-use of Brownfield sites

  • Handicraft 4.0

  • Agriculture 4.0

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Innovation & Development

"Innovation + Development" is our formula, our added value.

Addressing local issues broadens our vision and strengthens our ability to innovate businesses.

Practicing with businesses increases our ability to create value locally.

Sustainability is not only environmental but also financial and social.


Venture consulting is a concrete way to manage innovation in a partnership relationship.


For the past few years we have decided to invest in the following three industries :




as they have a major impact on the quality of human life. 

In these sectors we have carried out projects of both business innovation and territorial development.

Copertina_Il sud Esiste.jpg

Il Sud Esiste

This is a very interesting book that provides several insights into the lack of development in Southern Italy.

Marco Vitale gives an excursus of his consulting activity in Southern Italy which began 50 years ago. In the book, he reorders, selects and arranges his writings and recollections on Mezzogiorno and the South.


At the author's request, the book contains a chapter written by Enrico Maggiore on the development project for the city of Caltagirone that was led by Innventure: "Many missed opportunities in Sturzo's city". 

Paris 2024

Paris will host the next Olympic Games in 2024.

A great opportunity for small and medium-sized Italian companies.


Innovative services for citizens and tourists.

Additional showcase for quality products.

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