Water Technologies 

Water Technologies 


Around the world, cities, farmers, industries, energy suppliers and ecosystems are increasingly competing for their daily water needs. Without proper water management, the costs of this state of things can be high – not just financially, but also in terms of lost opportunities, compromised health and environmental damage. In the absence of major policy changes and much better water management, the situation will deteriorate and water availability will become increasingly uncertain. 


  • According to OECD, water demand is projected to increase by 55% globally between 2000 and 2050. The increase in demand will come mainly from manufacturing (+400%), electricity (+140%) and domestic use (+130%). In the face of these competing demands, there will be little scope for increasing water for irrigation.

  • Agriculture accounts for 70% of total water withdrawals for all (including energy) sectors/human uses, and 90% of all water consumed by these sectors.

  • Only about 20% of agriculture’s annual water consumption is water from rivers, streams, lakes, and groundwater for irrigation purposes – the rest is from rainfed agriculture.

InnVenture is committed to actively supporting water technology innovation in order to modernize agriculture and improve living conditions.

Our Services

InnVenture operates throughout all the "water sector" to help clients take on this new global challenge. We help companies:

  • develop new technologies

  • create new products and services

  • innovate manufacturing processes

  • develop new business models

  • enter new markets.

  • better understand the quality of the environment through the "big data" analysis of the quality of underground water

Our Projects

Our experience comes from many industries such as: 

  • Irrigation system technology

  • Hydraulics system technology

  • Termo-Hydraulics system technology

  • Hydropower Technology

  • Hydroelectricity production

  • Waste Water Technology

  • Drinking-Water Technology 

  • Mineral Water Production

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