"Caltagirone. Re-development of the UNESCO Property Area"

Saturday 21 September 2019, Enrico Maggiore and Carlo Alberto Maggiore presented the redevelopment project of the historic center of Caltagirone, a UNESCO World Heritage city, as part of a conference organized by Unioncamere and Confcommercio. An investment plan of 320 €/Mln to be implemented in 25 years aimed at fostering economic development and reducing the unemployment rate from the current 22% to 9.5%. The Plan provides for the construction of a new international "Museum of Ceramics from Sicily" and the construction of a "University site" on the Acropolis of the city. The University is aimed at triggering the process of redevelopment of the houses closest to the University that will serve as a "Campus".  To see the full program of the conference click here.  Below you will find the project of the new "Museum of ceramics" during its presentation in the Armani / Silos in Milan.

Caltagirone. Acropolis

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