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Town of Caltagirone. Renewal of the UNESCO Property Area

Saturday, September 21, 2019, as part of a conference organized by Unioncamere and Confcommercio, Enrico Maggiore and Carlo Alberto Maggiore presented the project for the redevelopment of the historic center of Caltagirone, a UNESCO heritage city.

An investment plan of 320 €/Mln to be implemented in 25 years aimed at encouraging the economic development of the city and reducing the unemployment rate from the current 22% to 9.5%. The realization of a new "International Museum of Sicilian Ceramics" and the construction of a "university campus" on the Acropolis of the town are the main lines of the Plan. The University is aimed at triggering the process of redevelopment of the houses located in the historic center. They will act as a "Campus".

To see the full program of the conference click here. Below you will find the project of the new "Museum of ceramics" during its presentation in the Armani / Silos in Milan.

Caltagirone. Acropolis


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